Initial position

In many cases small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) are not big enough or do not maintain the necessary staff to be a global player. An appropriate network is required.
AB&C is the solution.

    The key for your success

Large international groups or enterprises acting globally and are able to utilize direct and close access to economic structures (capital, politics and manpower). This enables them to act very efficient in order to protect their own interest and to supplant small competitors and keep them out of the market.
Being part of a strategic alliance is the most important ingredient to improve competitiveness in permanent changing markets. The target approach for every SMBs must be to form alliances and co-operations with local networks to gain a strong and competitive force.

    Get ahead with better information

To get accurate information is a must-take opportunity to gain knowledge of export opportunities, financing options and best prospects in the target region. Also important is to understand and appreciate cultural differences, economic conditions and technological capabilities of your desired export market.
A focused approach within a specific market along with fundamental inside knowledge shall be obtained and utilized to better communicate with prospects and customers. Today, this is more important than ever before.

    Use the network

With the task to bring together interdisciplinary specialized companies in a synergetic working pool AB&C was formed in 1999 and has continuously grown to a matrix network of excellence. This offers small and medium-sized companies (SMB’s) highly effective tools in building the opportunity to present themselves – like an affiliated group – with a global and professional appearance. The challenges of the last decade have shown that strong and trustful alliances within a strong network helps to prevent from damage to corporate capital, stocks and secures working places.