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Initial position

Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) are not big enough or do not maintain necessary staff to be a global player. An appropriate network is required.

AB&C is the solution

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Solution statement

To enter international projects, isolated and independent means a great financial commitment as well as a lot of manpower to be engaged.

Our principal is to keep it cost-effective

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Business model

Our model is individual & effective. Together with you we identify the right strategy, proper channels, reliable partners and assist you during your expansion. You focus on your daily business.

Selling your product

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Strategic development

Business processes are perfectly coordinated to reach the given targets. Very often results depend on the quality of these processes to constantly reach the targets in the future. How management handles the new challenges in technology, information flow, global competition and political accountability is a key factor. Successful organizations understand these dynamics and work to control change within the organization. AB&C supports your organization in doing so.

The 4 components of Strategic development are:

    • Awareness
    … is a continuous process of understanding related to capacity, abilities, potential and results by identifying needs and urgency for change.
    Awareness fosters insight that transforms "good" results to "great" results.

    • Strategic planning
    … is the foundation of a company, providing a concrete frame of reference for making decisions how to compete at the market place.
    The purpose of a strategic plan is to produce consistent results over time. Planning becomes a significant competitive advantage. It is fundamental to the competitive position of any organization and develops an organizational focus for both short and long term needs, to achieve consistent and sustainable results.

    • Strategic Development
    … helps to develop an environment where individuals understand they can meet their personal goals by helping the organization reach its goals. People work most efficient when they feel that management is truly concerned with their welfare. They develop strong motivation, a success mentality and produce maximum results through their positive attitudes.

    • Results
    … must be measurable, this is what matters most. All organizations need to identify critical success factors, hold themselves accountable and have feedback mechanisms. Effective organizations measure specific results as often as possible to gain a sound footing for their decision in regards of planning and strategy.
    This becomes the benchmark of daily operations and long-term vision.


Business development

Business development comprises a number of tasks and processes with the aim of developing and implementing growth opportunities within and between organizations. It is a subset of the fields of business, commerce and organizational theory.

    Every company is unique for us

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets and relationships. It always depends on the company. However, the task of business development is to find new strategic opportunities for the company and leads the company on the path to execute.

This comprises a combination of strategy, marketing & sales, finance, legal, and operations background such as:

    • Partnership development
    • Strategic market development and sales
    • Strategic marketing
    • Mergers, acquisitions, and financing
    • Exploration of new business segments
    • Distribution network and sales channels
    • Product development and enhancement
AB&C fully supports your Enterprise in all business disciplines you may request to drive your project and enter new markets in a successful direction.


Start-up management

This is a unique service AB&C is providing for young start up's and entrepreneurs.

    Save money for admin & structure

If our client needs or upon his request AB&C is capable to provide a complete structured platform for each and every start up idea. This means, an entrepreneur must not necessarily found an own company to start his business which goes along with a lot of costs on the first place. You do not need to invest that much of your money in company founding and building up an own business structure with all the legal needs and administration mandatory to run a business.

    Hands on and together

AB&C provides a complete enterprise platform which you can active use from the first day you start your business. Hence you can 100% focus on your core business idea while we take care on the complete enterprise environment necessary to feature a target-orientated performance.

Together with you we evaluate and define the best practice setup affordable within your dedicated budget.

We call this business model: "Company to go"



High performance through efficient networking. With a wide range of selected partners AB&C is ready to coach your activities in EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa).

    Best performance around the globe

Any Partnership is always as good as its individual members. Therefor a strong network of partners in many countries in Europe and Middle East is in permanent contact with our AB&C Platform. Together we handle all reliable information and perform personalized counselling at every step of the individual coaching process.

Our service for guidance is all-embracing and comprises:

    • strategy planning
    • budgeting
    • assessment
    • regulatory and logistics
    • initial market entry and expansion
    • advocacy
    • tax and customs issues
    • relocation

This information stream reinforces, concentrates and evaluates any relevant information you deserve to achieve the expected results of your campaign or project.

    It's all about outcome

Having accurate information at the right time keeps you on track to the anticipated results. This information advantage leads to the expected results and gains a WIN/WIN situation for each client of the AB&C Cluster Network.

Committed and professional. Discover all important information about AB&C.
The AB&C success story started in 1999.