Solution statement

To enter international projects, isolated and independent means a great financial commitment as well as a lot of manpower to be engaged. Our principal is to keep it cost-effective and safe with sustainable results for each and every individual project. This covers various aspects of developing a strategy and provides the required elements to build a tactical plan how to approach new markets. Unitary matrix solutions and controlling measures are required and will be provided by AB&C. Despite to first class contacts in the target countries it is of importance to focus on an all-embracing project management. The costs for the Start-up must be reduced to a minimum, communication lines must be kept short and administration work shall be tighten. To limit the risk to a calculable factor all actions must be carried out in coherence with the business plan.

    Solutions from one source

Integrates solutions from one source are requested. Therefor AB&C is offering a comprehensive spectrum of services for the whole project cycle. In accordance with our clients we set the necessary provisions to warrant a result focused development of your enterprise. AB&C offers a comprehensive and proved spectrum of tailored services according the specific needs of your project.

This implements:

    • identification of markets and market research
    • assessment of possible customers, partners and competitors
    • research, identification and selection of local partners or customers
    • business plan and development of new business model
    • project coaching
    • controlling during implementation
    • business setup and relocation
    • networking

    Affordable services for your business

An affordable price structure is crucial for SMB’s to get confidence and feasibility as well as to be able to focus on new challenges at all. Others than most of the big, well known and international operating consulting companies which usually charging enormous consulting fees but providing just standard out of box solutions, AB&C gets deep into the individual challenge and focuses on the given task provided by the statement of requirement of our client. The approach is to find the best workable solution with the optimal cost benefit ratio. All services of AB&C are executed under the assumption of best practice for the best possible rate. We always keep an eye and a strong focus on the given budged and financial potential of our individual clients.

    Success orientated solutions

By all means AB&C endeavors not only a solution. Our self-conception comprises to deliver sustainable and successful results for the future of our clients.